Speed Stroke: Believe in Me | Video

E’ uscito il nuovo video e singolo Believe in Me degli Speed Stroke che segue a The End Of This Flight per Bagana Records…

Terzo estratto dall’ultimo lavoro Fury, uscito a marzo 2016 per Bagana Records, degli Speed Stroke. Questo singolo è stato preceduto da Demon Alcohol e The End Of This Flight.

Diretto dal regista Filippo Cinotti (VMultimedia), le riprese live sono state effettuate al Summerfield Festival (Cassano Magnago, Italy) in occasione del concerto in apertura ad Hardcore Superstar lo scorso settembre e quelle backstage al prestigioso Vidia Club di Cesena. «In questo video abbiamo voluto tralasciare il significato religioso del testo per concentrarci sul nostro unico credo: il volume – Commentano gli Speed StrokeRingraziamo il pubblico e la sua carica per essere una luce fortissima in questo Paese difficile.»

Testo – Believe in Me – Speed Stroke

Lyrics: D.B. – Music: D.B.

I don’t wanna live to save my soul
I don’t feel your faith or hope
Cause the way I live is:
Just believin’
Just believe in
I just wanna reach and feed my soul
Take your tales and fuck you all
Cause the way I live is:
Just believin’
Just believe in me When I was a child and I couldn’t understand it
They tried to instill in me
Rules and ways, everything their paper says
Everything seemed so insane
Child become a kid with lots of questions
And everything they said
Was ‘pent and pray for your sins and your
Every word seemed more insane
Cause all I need is my reflection
All I need is to be free

Now that time has passed
And I know that I’ve grown up
Everything I feel
Is: fuck all your tales, all your blackmails
All your prayers everyday
Cause all I need is my direction
All I need is to be free
And everytime you talk about your hells and all
your promised lands
Remember what I say:

Don’t you see?
I’m just enjoyin life
Proud to be
Just a dirty sin.

Credits Video Believe in Me – Speed Stroke

Music video by Speed Stroke performing “Believe in Me” (Official Video).
Taken from the album “FURY” © 2016 Bagana Records (Italy).

Directed by Filippo Cinotti
Executive Producer: Nztua 5

“Live” Credits:
Footage recorded at Summerfield Festival (Cassano Magnago, Italy) opening for Hardcore Superstar (11/09/16)

“Backstage” Credits
Footage Recorded at Vidia Club (Cesena,Italy) Thanks to Libero Cola
Hair Stylist: Samantha Pirazzoli
Make Up: Veronica Anacleti
Assistant: Luca “Wolfbotts” Botte

Info: https://www.facebook.com/speedstroke/?fref=ts

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