Fab Box: Unconditional | Video

I Fab Box, Fabrizio Ugolini e Massimo Bozzi, presentano il loro ultimo video intitolato Unconditional tratto dall’album 2…

UNCONDITIONAL – (Lyrics by: Caris Arkin – Fabrizio Ugolini)

Wanna get real close , wanna hold you through the night
Wanna dig down deep, wanna lay it on the line
If I’ll bare my soul, will you do the same tonight?
Wanna get this straight, gotta lay it on the line

I understand your hesitation You’ve been left alone before
But babe believe my affirmation This is all you’re waiting for

‘Cause it gets so close that I can’t break free
And you still believe that it’s all a dream
Can’t you feel the light, and it’s unconditional
Yes you make it burn inside of me
And you can’t believe in your history
It’s our way to love, and it’s unconditional

Make it face to face, baby look me in the eyes
There’s no turning back, gotta give it all this time

It’s such a risky situation To espose yourself to me
But I’m so tired of keep pretending
All I need is something real


Can I hold you close, can I make you see
You’re the better part of the man in me
I can feel your love, and its’ unconditional

Hanno partercipato inoltre: Paolo Pedretti (chitarra), Alessandro Governatori (Basso) e Paolo Tarini (Batteria),

Info: https://www.facebook.com/MusicFromTheFabBox/

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