Fly Again, il video di Francesca Romana Fabris

Fly Again è il video del nuovo singolo di Francesca Romana Fabris tratto dal suo album “So Close to You” uscito a ottobre 2014
Music video shot in April 2015
Directed by Salvo Agria – Aso Art
Backstage photo report: Lorenzo Gatto
Location: Abalì Gran Sultanato Palermo (Sicily – Italy)
Costume Designer: Vito Petrotta Reyes
Hair Stylist: Ivan Hairlab
Make Up: Federica Lepre

Tomaso Garigliano – Daniel James Kenyon – Linda Randazzo – Lucrezia Notarbartolo – Federico Price Bruno – Vito Petrotta Reyes – Julie Lalande – Alessio Bruno – Marco Russo di Chiara – Aurelie Sferrazza
musicians in this song:
Francesca Romana vocal, steel string guitar
Osvaldo Costabile fiddle
Mario Monterosso electric guitar, resophonic guitar and lap steel guitar
Gabriele Buonasorte tenor sax
Mauro Gavini: double bass
Mattia Di Cretico: drums
Roberto Lioli : sound
Stefano Cappelli: mastering
recorded and mixed in Rome march-june 2014
all rights reserved
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Fly Again
Music and words by Francesca Romana Fabris

If I had a Guide to ask
“ tell me what to do”
a new way of walking safe
towards my own life

all the roads I’ve travelled far
left behind my Sun
drove me to Lands where I met
anger , pain or Love

But I would run, I would fly, I would make all this mess again
to find my dreams there
I would leave Everything to the Loneliness
Of being without you

I would lie, I would fight, I would starve, I would cry so deep,
To be a free man,
I would risk and would miss all the love again
To burn this fire

If I had a Guide to ask
Tell me “is this Right?
Or it’s just a wanderin’ Soul
With no Peace on Earth

Like a Wish or a Need
To be something more
Than the rules laid down for you
And those good ol’ roles

And the you said “please stay”
I kept my eyes on you
A simple phrase that filled my heart

You didn’t see me crying
When we were saying “Goodbye”
I Turned my head and walked away

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