Happily Ever Blind: Pseudohappiness

Happily Ever Blind out with Pseudohappiness Album. Release Date: 17 March 2017 for Secret Entertainment…


Happily Ever Blind, Pseudohappiness

Heavy, dirty, raw… strangely beautiful. This is the sound of the 12 track debut album from international truth-seeker rockers Happily Ever Blind. The album, titled Pseudohappiness, is sure to strike a nerve with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans all over, encompassing catchy grooves, captivating melodies and endearing lyrics. This daring release, which conforms to no generic trends, delivers everything you need to get going, rebel style!

Self recorded and mixed at Klondyke Studios and mastered at Virtalähde Mastering during the bloody cold winter of 2016, it is a follow up to their first two EP’s; The Black Friday Blues and The Singles Pack, that were both released digitally in 2016. This long player is a display of not only what the band has to offer artistically, but also what can be chieved with a small budget and a few dedicated guys with a lot of heart and soul. The result is a release that is deep enough to get the message across but remembers not to take itself too seriously, as Happily Ever Blind still seem to keep their style enjoyable and entertaining. This is particularly evident in their promotional photo as they are not afraid to do a satirical take on an old ABBA picture.

Musically, with catchy numbers such as Death Support,E.K.W.,and Crooked, Pseudohappiness invokes sounds reminiscent of 60/70’s hard rock and heavy blues, mixed with some thrash and punk undertones. They are not afraid to delve into a bit of pop either, with upbeat ballads such as Download Complete, The King Of Mu and Tidal Waves. Usually a single dirty rhythm guitar accompanies the unpredictable groove of the bass and hard hitting drums while a disdain for anything establishment is shouted into the microphone with force. Guitar melodies come and go and the occasional Hammond organ or melodica can be heard also.

Lyrically it is a conceptual journey expressing observations of the current failing system. Teaching us not to focus on quick fixes, ie. Pseudohappiness, but to remember the divinity inside us and seek alternatives to things that bring us false joy. This philosophy is most evident in songs such as Smart Things, Tra La La, and Eat, Sleep, Die!. Each and every member of Happily Ever Blind is also no stranger to struggle and all but one are somewhat lost in a foreign land trying to make it doing what they love. Collectively their goal is to shun the established machine of 9 to 5 slavery and also go rouge on a music industry whose monotonous trends seem to be set by record labels afraid to take risks rather than audiences who are smart enough to decide for themselves what they like or dislike. This feeling certainly permeates the music when listening to this release.

With the will to tour extensively to promote this album and enough songs for a follow up release, Happily Ever Blind should be a band on every serious Heavy Rock fans radar. Their evolution has been swift and there is still much, much more to come! But for now enjoy Pseudohappiness for what it is; a strong and enchanting debut that will establish the bands style and hopefully give them an esteemed name in the grand world of Rock’n’Roll.

Pseudohappiness will be available digitally via all the usual download and streaming services. Compact disk and vinyl will be made for pre-order or in small batches after the digital release.

Info: www.happilyeverblind.net | https://www.facebook.com/happilyeverblind/

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