Last 4 Minutes: Rock Girls | Video

I Last 4 minutes esordiscono con il singolo e video Rock Girls pubblicato sui canali youtube e disponibile sulle maggiori piattaforme digitali…

Rock Girls è il singolo d’esordio della band Last 4 minutes, formatasi ufficialmente nel 2015. Il brano, così come il video, racconta in maniera ironica la personalità tipica della “Ragazza rock”. Completamente indifferente e distaccata dall’ambiente circostante, essa fa perdere la testa a chiunque le stia attorno semplicemente compiendo gesti di routine e di normale quotidianità. Lei sta al di sopra di tutto e di tutti: tutto le è permesso e nulla a chi le sta intorno è concesso.

Per citare uno dei versi della canzone “Delicious as cinnamon but can’t eat you at all” (deliziosa come la cannella, ma che comunque non la riesci a mangiare).

Il brano Rock Girls interamente scritto e composto dalla band, insieme al video correlato vengono ufficialmente lanciati il 26 settembre 2017 sui canali Youtube e sulle maggiori piattaforme digitali.

Testo Rock Girls – Last 4 Minutes

She got that big booty
Oh that little cutie
She rocks those sport shoes
I guess i’m getting confused

No makeup; crystal eyes
She gets you hypnotized
And I’m like
Get to the point, stop flippin’ the coin, stop playing games
You drive me insane

Ooh Ooh, brought it down to earth baby
Ooh Ooh, knocked down one by one baby

Well I don’t know if this is right, she
Pops that booty when i rock the mic, and
See them boys they trynna start a fight, cause
Honey you’re the trophy at the end of the night, you
Take off your clothes like is your favorite sport
You look so damn divine in every pose, girl
Staring at you turns me into a sinner
Oh God I’m prayin’ just keep being kind with her
They say: Uh senorita, where are you from?
I guess you’re not from here maybe from heaven or some, ah
Get over that boy she ain’t for you
Focus on your future this girl makes you blue, yeah
She knows what she’s doing, playing with humans
Hearts and minds and all their body parts

Ooh Oh, brought it down to earth baby
Ooh Oh, knocked down one by one baby

Let me know girl what you want
Want me to go down, want me to fall?
As you walking in here leave all burned to the ground
Delicious as cinnamon but can’t eat you at all
I made a commitment with my heart
Said i won’t fall in love I won’t get wiped out so…
Don’t be unfair just cause you recognize that weakness inside
Can see it through my eyes

Ooh Oh, brought it down to earth baby
Ooh Oh, knocked down one by one baby

Ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh
You brought it down to earth baby
Ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh

Ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh, ooh oh

Line up Last 4 Minutes

Giacomo Coppo chitarra e backvocals
Alex Albu voce e tastiere
Alessandro Re batteria
Marco Rossello chitarra e backvocals
Leonardo Coppo basso

Credits Rock Girls – Last 4 Minutes

Testi e musiche by: Last 4 Minutes
Prodotta da: Phonograph Studio by Pietro Cuniberti
Video Diretto da: Last 4 Minutes Albu Alex, Coppo Giacomo
Prodotto da: Last 4 Minutes
Camera operator – Stefano Viale Marchino
Editor – Stefano Viale Marchino
Make up – Noemi Vettore


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