Michele Pavanello, VENTO CALDO: I sing the revolution

Vento Caldo  (Warm Wind) is the new EP by Michele Pavanello. The Christian Music singer-songwriter chose blues and rock styles to spread his message: “we need to get our hands dirty, to change the things and we’ll find peace and freedom”

Michele Pavanello, Vento caldo, christian music

Michele Pavanello, Vento caldo

Warm Wind – Vento caldo, the new EP by Michele Pavanello, is a Cd to be listened without drawing breath. Five stories that will enchant you from the beginning to the end with their spontaneity. There is nothing difficult in these songs: no difficult words and no difficult melodies. Michele spreads his message very clearly, using well known music styles like blues and rock. He prefers easy chords, immediately understood when we listen to the songs. The arrangement is a wise mix of guitar, bass and drums with Hammond and keyboards that gives a particular color to this music allowing us to understand the depth of Michele’s music.

Michele Pavanello was born in Adria near Rovigo, in the Veneto Region (Italy). He dedicates his songs to all those who do not want just accept to survive, to those who get indignant at injustice and to those who agree to get their hands dirty for a better world. Michele also dedicates his songs to all those who look for freedom with peace and to all those who understood that Faith is not just a subject of discussion but the real nourishment and inner meaning of life.

The Songs

Vento Caldo starts with the song La Luce siamo noi (We are the Light) which came before the release of the album and which was made into a music video directed by Elia Menon. The second song is La storia non conta (History doesn’t count). It is an innovative song which wants to teach us that seeking safety in the past in useless without a clear vision of the future we would like. Sometimes we need to make a clean break with the past and start from scratch. In un attimo (Just a moment) is the third song. It a ballad and it comes from a very personal story. It is possible that everyone could recognize a small part of their own story. The following song Senza chiedermi perché (Without asking myself why) talks about the aptitude of men to think well or badly of people while God welcomes every one without asking account for mistakes and sins. The last song is Vivere nel mondo a fianco (Living in a close world). Fresh and light sound joined with pop style give voice, once again, to a message of rebellion from money and power.

Michele Pavanello, Vento Caldo

Michele Pavanello, italian christian songwriter

Michele Pavanello closes dedicating the songs to all those who don’t give up their dignity but they are willing of taking a step back to help a brother… to all those who would love without being trampled. It is dedicates, with love, to all those who continue believing at all costs.

The EP is entirely self-produced. It was written by Michele Pavanello between 2015 and 2016 and recorded in LRS Study of Rovigo. It is distributed by Sounday Music Srl and it is on sale in all major digital stores where you will also find the previous album of 2014 Otto Strade.

Tracklist VENTO CALDO by Michele Pavanello

1 La luce siamo noi
2 La storia non conta
3 In un attimo
4 Senza chiedermi perché
5 Vivere nel mondo a fianco

CREDITS – Vento Caldo

Vento Caldo è stato registrato presso LRS Studio di Rovigo
Michele Pavanello (voce, testi e musica)
Cristiano Gallian (arrangiamenti, chitarre, drum loops)
Vito Perrini (percussioni)
Alberto Piva (pianoforte, tastiere)
Nick Muneratti (basso)
Enrico Neri (progetto grafico)


Info: www.michelepavanello.it – https://www.facebook.com/michelepavanellochristianartist/?fref=ts

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