Post Lovers: Going Anyway | Video

Watch the official video for Going Anyway, the b-side debut of Post Lovers by Eleni Karageorgou

Post Lovers is out with Official Video for Going Anyway. Athens based Post Lovers is a solo project created by Eleni Karageorgou. Post Lovers play short, indie folk tunes, blending a-bit-too personal songwriting with playful backing vocals, all set in a 90’s background. Their beneficiary musicians kindly contribute to both their rehearsals and live gigs. Post Lovers take a step at a time: girls, friends, lovers, post lovers.

Their first official release is the single Melbourne/Going Anyway coming out on August 1st through the 7-inch series A Distant Victory Singles Club via Inner Ear Records.

Watch the official video for the b-side debut. Filmed by Eleni Karageorgou during a trip in Portugal.

Lyrics Going Anyway – Post Lovers

Locked in a cloud, with a raggedy smile
got a gin tonic heart
living in the past – what a blast!

the sun could be, so dramatic indeed
in this holy routine
life could only be, only be, only be

going anyway, anyway, it’s going anyway

well the waves are high, but you have to move on
got your teenage kicks
crawling on the floor – what a bore

look at you now, pause rewind, play
chase your tail till you fail
in this roundabout, roundabout roundabout…

Credits Post Lovers

From the 7-inch series “A Distant Victory Singles Club”.

Music and Lyrics: Eleni Karageorgou
Bass Guitar: Stavros Georgiopoulos
Produced by Eleni Karageorgou
Mixed by Stavros/Eleni
Mastered by Giannis Hristodoulatos @ Sweetspot Studio


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