San Eco: SanEco Full Album

Manchester duo SAN ECO release gorgeous album destined to be a classic. San Eco is a collaborative project by Morris Cowan & Tom Edney…


San Eco: SanEco Full Album

San Eco combine the unique approach of two musicians, one with a footing in innovative electronica, the other in bombastic indie pop. Five years in the making, their debut album San Eco finds them drawing influences from Fela Kuti to Slint, Nathan Fake to R.E.M, into a delicate and emotive electronic alt rock treat.

Morris Cowan (Adam Taylor) cut his teeth in the electronic music scene in the mid-noughties, and since then has released for Nottingham based Wigflex imprint and German label Zaubernuss. He has built up notable admirers, having had his tracks championed by Mary Ann Hobbs and Tom Ravenscroft on their BBC Radio 6 Music shows.

Tom Edney’s brand of alternative indie songwriting has also earned him a considerable following. Never shying away from ambition, his alternative rock music has him drawing inspiration from varied subjects like Victorian Gothic Monasteries on Manchester housing estates, to his Lynchian inspired dreams. His efforts such as Hands On and The Manchester Underground EP have earnt him plays on many stations around the world, including  BBC Radio 6 Music.

It was during the recording of Cowan’s Six Degrees and Edney’s The Manchester Underground EP, that the two actually became aware of each others music – listening in through a wall between neighbouring studios. Cowan tabled an offer of a session, and five years of creativity and hard work later, they are finally ready to release their debut album San Eco, on Manchester multimedia label ‘Beatphreak.’

Expect a journey that encapsulates Edney’s catchy pop hook floating amidst Cowan’s ethereal soundscape production. Watch out for some limited vinyl 7’s and limited availability remixes of the first two singles San Eco & Pretty Curtains which will be available soon.

Tracklist SanEco

1 Infiniloop
2 Love Of Fate
3 Maya
5 Perspectrum
6 Pretty Curtains
7 Quarter Past Midnight
8 Sails
9 San Eco
10 Whatever Kind Of Heaven


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