Soul Basement feat. Jay Nemor: Noise Pollution | Video

Noise Pollution è il video ufficiale di Soul Basement, diretto da Jason Nemor Harden. Soul Basement è il progetto musicale dell’artista Fabio Puglisi

What We Leave Behind è il nuovo album di prossima uscita di Soul Basement (Fabio Puglisi) anticipato dal video Noise Pollution che possiamo vedere in questo articolo. Il video è stato diretto da Jason Nemor Harden, le riprese di Sara Melander and Marijana Vlašić.

Noise Pollution, Soul Basement – Testo

Talking loud ain’t saying nothing
Tired of all these politicians faking and fronting
Misleading the people with destructive illusions
It’s a foregone conclusion
That we gotta find some kind of solution

We need a resolution
To stop the noise pollution
It’s time for revolution
To put an end to all this noise pollution

Telling all them lies
just to get inside
So that they can do
Not a thing they promised to
For me and you
What else can we do
A change is overdue

We need a resolution
To stop the noise pollution

Too many candidates got a a price on their head
Push aside integrity for money instead
diguising their evil, persistently deceitful
What happened to the notion of a government for the people


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  1. Maya Reply

    one of the greatest bands out there… simply amazing!!

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