Tóke: Frizzle | Official Video 2016

Tòke giovane artista che ha raggruppato Italia, Indonesia, Germania, Giamaica sotto lo stesso progetto musicale… Eccovi Frizzle, il video del singolo estratto

E’ uscito Wake Up Inna Kingston, disco d’esordio del promettente e talentuoso artista tedesco/indonesiano Tóke.
L’album è interamente prodotto dall’italiana Bassplate Records, che ha accostato alla freschezza di Tóke suoni di qualità, per un reggae dal respiro internazionale che però non cessa di avere come riferimento la sua terra d’origine, la Giamaica.

In questo articolo vi presentiamo il video del singolo estratto intitolato Frizzle.

Testo Frizzle, Tòke

Give thanks Jamaica!
Bare vibez ina di place
Even though tings so ruff
you keep dat smile deh pon yuh face
Now this likkle tune‘s about a feeling dat you gave to me It call frizzle you see!
Frizzle! Dung ina Jamrock
Frizzle! Bare reggae music non stop
No matter whether steppas, rockers or one drop
Mi seh jamaican vibez deh pon top
Frizzle! Dung inna Jamdung
Frizzle! Bare reggae music non stop
at times sweet like a rose then yuh hear a one shot still jamaican vibez deh pon top
Wake up inna Kingston,
Charlemont Avenue mi a sing from
di jelly tree ina mi yard inspire mi fi sing songs
a so mi know seh mi have di reggae syndrome a blessing fi be right here ina di reggae kingdom

DING DONG! Dat a di sound at di gate
Mikey Tuff a wait and him tell mi seh nuh fi late
so mek we forward link Infinite and Kazam a Papine Bare jamminz a gwaan
now if yuh know now what I mean
A so we jammin‘ and jammin‘ straight through di night vibez way up and di groove is right
conscious reasoning just blew mi mind
di herb a blaze and it feel super nice
While dung ina di valley mi hear di people a cry
see dem a ball another youth just died ­
why did he loose his life? guns police a utilitize
cah dem hungry cyaan find no food fi spice
Chorus ­
Link up wid Torch, him carry mi dung a Trenchtown See poverty a lick dem so a nuff a dem frown
still di spirit way up, and it haffi stay up
so when di sky a grey up, music a play ­ sun come out! Catch a taxi go a Halfway Tree
St. Andrew park a where mi heart may be
Because Ina De Yard session a gwaan daily
so mi seh grab di Kette Drum right now cyaan lazy Again we jammin‘ and jammin‘ straight through the night Uncle Chinna know how fi groove it right
mi haffi give thanks fi di lessons and di inspiration
Jesse deya we a hold a vibez yeah
we singing „Woke up this morning feeling so blessed“ and then the rain start fall while we a chant dem song ya wid a warm feeling ina we chest! A dat we call…
Last stop Crossroads, Regal Plaza
another Thursday night mek we see wha gwaan ya even BBC know dat EDB
know fi ram di dancehall quite easily
inna original style
T.J. grab di mic and di whole place tun wild
Naoto spin di vinyl from a 8 till a night
mi spot Braveheart, Mikey, Kazam and Infinite
T.J. a start wid „Original, originality!“
Kazam sing ancient warrior and bun out vanity Braveheart bring a boomtune like Hungry but
di dance ram when Infinite sing Country bus!
And then mi step pon da mic and seh
mi haffi give thanks
but mi haffi move on to a physical distance
but dem vibes ya mi a love
and will forever keep inna mi heart
pon every journey every trod mi a carry dis ya…


Tóke ­- Frizzle (from the upcoming album Wake Up Inna Kingston)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tokeofficial
Contact: info@tóke-music.de

Produced by Bassplate Records

Video directed by Romain ‘Sherkhan’ Chiffre for Raatid & Magic

Album releases May 4th 2016

Preorder the album and immediately download Frizzle @ BANDCAMP http://bit.ly/WUIKBandcamp

Vocals: Tóke
Drums, Percussion and Keyboards: Herbie Faders & Michael Bass Bass, Guitar and Piano: Marco Rais Abin
Saxophone: Brothermartino
Trumpet: Alessio Ruz
Mixed and Mastered by Adriano Ippolito
Produced by Bassplate Records

Info: https://www.facebook.com/tokeofficial/?fref=ts – www.bassplaterecords.net

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